The Stencil Cutting Specialists

Sparks Laser Services is a company specifically formed to meet all your SMT Stencil requirements. We have brought together the best laser cutting machinery and highly experienced personnel to offer the best possible service at the most competitive prices.

The exceptionally high cutting speed and quality of our lasers enable us to offer a 2 day standard turnaround for both framed and foil type stencils, with 1 day and ½ day services available. All stencils are 100% inspected to the data using our ScanCheck system.

As well as paste and adhesive stencils we are also able to produce a wide variety of stainless steel components.


Since forming in 2001 we have expanded our facilities in the UK, and opened sites in Portugal, Germany, Israel and Turkey.

Our current stencil cutting equipment includes LPKF 6080, LPKF Multicut and LPKF SL600 systems.

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