Sparks Laser Services has the most sophisticated laser cutting machines available today. Using these machines we are able to cut high aperture count stencils quickly and very accurately, giving you the best quality stencils possible.

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The many benefits of our stainless steel stencils include:

  1. Superior positional accuracy (no photo tooling involved)

  2. Precise control over aperture dimension

  3. Consistent wall quality and taper

  4. Ideal for fine pitch and BGA applications

  5. All stencils are inspected using our high resolution Scan-Check system

  6. Can be supplied frame mounted or to suit many foil tensioning systems - We are also licensed to produce VectorGuard™ stencils

  7. Shorter lead times against alternative premium stencil technologies

  8. Our hardened high nickel content stainless steel is fully compatible with lead free pastes.

  9. Thickness available from stock: 0.1mm, 0.125mm, 0.15mm, 0.2mm & 0.25mm