We are able to supply both the Zelflex Z4P and Zelflex Protect foil tensioning systems to suit most SMT printing machines. The system uses compressed air to provide even and controllable tension across the entire stencil without the need for a dedicated loading station. We can also supply foils to suit many other tensioning systems including VectorGuard™ - please call for details.

Benefits of the Zelflex foil system include:

  1. Reduced stencil costs

  2. Reduced storage requirements

  3. Even tension across entire stencil area

  4. Increased print area

  5. Easier stencil cleaning

  6. Royalty free stencil production

  7. Rapid stencil changeover time due to simple stencil loading

The Zelflex Protect maintains all the benefits of the Zelflex system but with each foil mounted into a robust sub-frame it offers improved operator safety and stencil protection.

Download the Zelflex brochure:


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